Aspen Chiptuning

An Aspen-system is an external system which can easily be removed without any risk. The system can be transfered to another car. Aspen Chiptuning combines the quality aspects of chiptuning and OBD tuning with the comfort and advantages of an external system. Aspen Chiptuning can deliver a system for almost every car running on gasoline or diesel. The units are compact and easy to install by anyone with basic vehicle technical knowledge. Using a wiring harness, no part of the vehicles original wiring needs to be cut or altered, which will protect manufacturer's warranty. No special training is needed. Anyone can install our system using nothing more than a common sense and a basic tool kit.

The plug and drive unit provides more torque, particularly in the low to mid range. This allows the driver to change gears faster, even with an automatic transmission, providing better fuel economy. In short: The Aspen system is easier to use and more individualized than traditional chiptuning.

Some advantages of the Aspen system above conventional powerbox chiptuning:
Aspen Chiptuning: De ideale afstelling van het motor management voor maximaal motorvermogen Perfect remapping
Aspen Chiptuning: Topsnelheid en acceleratie verhogen Better performance


Het Aspen Chiptuning-systeem is ook toepasbaar op auto's met een geblokkeerde ECU Engine Control Unit. Dankzij de externe unit van Aspen kan een goede werking worden gegarandeerd. Plug and Drive chiptuning voor elk model en type.

Zelfs voor de vaak moeilijk te tunen motoren uit de VAG-Group zoals de TFSI, TSI en FSI die gebruikt worden in Volkswagen, Audi, Seat en Skoda kan het Aspen systeem gebruikt worden.
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