In short, chiptuning is adjusting and optimizing the settings of a car's engine management, resulting in higher engine efficiency. This improves performance and increases gas mileage.

Nearly all engines in today's modern cars are regulated by a computer (called ECU: Engine Control Unit). This computer uses the car manufacturer's software to control the engine. The software is responsible for engine specifications and regulates the injected amount of fuel, the turbo charge pressure and the ignition.

Chiptuning optimizes the software of the car and creates well-balanced engine performance, in a controlled and reliable way. This is possible because car manufacturers use relatively wide tolerances in the optimizing process of the car's engine. Within these margins, increased power, torque and fuel economy is possible simply through chip tuning. Whithout changing your driving the car is more responsive and efficient, with up to a 15% decrease in fuel consumption.

More specific adjustment of the software makes it possible to change the engine management to anyone's wishes. For example, the acceleration of a car can be fine-tuned, allowing for more efficient hauling or towing. Chiptuning can also be used for ships, trucks, motorhomes, tractors and motorcycles.

There are four methods of chiptuning: read more
Aspen Chiptuning: Voor betere prestaties en rijeigenschappen VAG-Group chippen
Aspen Chiptuning: Ook voor vrachtwagens en andere bedrijfsauto's bedrijfswagens


Het Aspen Chiptuning-systeem is ook toepasbaar op auto's met een geblokkeerde ECU Engine Control Unit. Dankzij de externe unit van Aspen kan een goede werking worden gegarandeerd. Plug and Drive chiptuning voor elk model en type.

Zelfs voor de vaak moeilijk te tunen motoren uit de VAG-Group zoals de TFSI, TSI en FSI die gebruikt worden in Volkswagen, Audi, Seat en Skoda kan het Aspen systeem gebruikt worden.
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